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PSO launches RON 97 fuel to deliver superior engine performance

Pakistan State Oil (PSO) has upgraded its products portfolio with the inclusion of the RON 97 high octane petrol under the brand name “Altron X Hi-Octane 97”, according to a press release. RON 97 fuel products are currently available at selected PSO outlets across the country.

RON 97 delivers superior performance to vehicles for a smooth and knock-free drive, the company said. The higher-grade RON results in extended engine life and reduced maintenance costs, helping to improve the environment due to lower emissions. Additional benefits of the new product range are said to include better mileage, enhanced engine performance and a great driving experience for the consumer.

Speaking about the introduction of Altron X Hi-Octane 97, Sheikh Imranul Haque, MD & CEO, PSO, said, “…While we cater to the evolving fuel needs of contemporary vehicles, our new higher RON fuel products also ensure lower emissions, responding positively to the urgent need for environment-friendly fuels. In addition to environment preservation, the cleaner fuel also means a cleaner and healthier engine which will drastically reduce the cost of maintenance.”

Improving fuel quality, and meeting the nation’s energy requirements, have been key constituents of PSO’s mission. The company pledged to undertake further initiatives to enhance consumers’ fuelling experience and ensure nationwide availability of all its products.

Image source: TNS


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