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JazzCash to facilitate NBP in its service of Excise and Taxation Department

A signing ceremony between JazzCash, National Bank of Pakistan and Excise & Taxation Department, Government of Balochistan took place in Quetta, Balochistan. Under this agreement, JazzCash has become the official branchless banking partner for NBP’s ongoing collaboration with Excise and Taxation Department, Government of Balochistan.

Citizens of Balochistan can now pay their Vehicle Registration, Vehicle Token Tax, Property Tax and other similar taxes through JazzCash using payment options such as JazzCash Mobile Accounts or JazzCash’s retail network prior to visiting the Excise and Taxation department. This will minimize the operational hassles for the Excise and Taxation Department, while residents will have convenience, comfort, transparency and fast-track options.

Speaking on the occasion, Saeed Ahmad, President & CEO of NBP, stated, “This service simplifies work, and allows for reaching a greater population, which ultimately leads to time-saving, minimizes book entry errors and provides convenience to the residents. Leveraging the bank’s financial expertise, coupled with the strength of JazzCash’s extensive network, we are continuously striving to provide digital solutions to the financial needs of our customers.”

“As a leading digital company, our customer’s financial services need to take top priority and we continue to strive hard in providing them with the best services. JazzCash remains committed to the digitization of financial services and facilities like these further enhance our digital payments ecosystem,” said Faheem Mumtaz, Head of Business to Government, Business Services Division at Jazz.

Previously, NBP and JazzCash have also partnered to introduce digital payments collection facility for Passport Fee Payments and Public Service Commission Fee payments.


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