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HabibMetro Partners with Ria to Facilitate Remittance Payout

HabibMetro Bank and Ria Money Transfer, a global leader in money transfer services, have partnered to offer remittance payout services in Pakistan, said a press release.

The agreement allows customers to receive money sent from all over the world through Ria and HabibMetro Bank, with greater convenience. Using this service, beneficiaries can collect cash in minutes from HabibMetro Bank’s 320 branches in 94 cities across Pakistan without the need for a bank account, while HabibMetro account holders may receive funds directly into their bank accounts.

“HabibMetro Bank is expanding its global presence in the remittance arena with Ria Money Transfer. This agreement provides an excellent opportunity for Pakistani expatriates living and working abroad to remit their hard-earned money through HabibMetro Bank to their families and loved ones in every corner of Pakistan,” said Mr. Farooq G. Ahsan-ud-Din, Head of FI & Home Remittances, Habib Metro Bank. He expressed hope that the partnership would help boost remittance volumes to Pakistan.

Juan Bianchi, President and CEO, Ria Money Transfer, added, “Ria continues to expand its presence in Pakistan – one of the top remittance receiving countries in the world – through HabibMetro Bank’s extensive network of well-located branches nationwide. This partnership provides customers with greater options when sending money back to their loved ones, and we look forward to a successful working relationship with HabibMetro Bank.”

Image source: Medici


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