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These are the World’s 20 Most Valuable Brands in 2018

The 2018-ranking of the world’s most valuable brands by the US-based Forbes magazine has been released.

For the eighth consecutive year, Apple has topped the list as the most valuable brand, with a staggering worth of $182.8 billion by Forbes’ count, up 8% over last year. This makes Apple 38% more valuable than the second-ranked Google which is worth $132.1 billion. Google is followed by Microsoft, Facebook, and Amazon as the next three most valuable brands.

Forbes values brands on their financial merits instead of consumer surveys. Among the top 100 brands, 54 are based in the US, 12 in Germany, and 7 each in Japan and France. Moreover, 20 of these are in the technology industry, 13 in financial services, 12 in automotive, 11 in consumer packaged goods, and 9 in retail.

Below is a list of the world’s 20 most valuable brands along with their worth.

  1. Apple   $182.8 B
  2. Google   $132.1 B
  3. Microsoft   $104.9 B
  4. Facebook   $94.8 B
  5. Amazon   $70.9 B
  6. Coca-Cola   $57.3 B
  7. Samsung   $47.6 B
  8. Disney   $47.5 B
  9. Toyota   $44.7 B
  10. AT&T   $41.9 B
  11. McDonald’s   $41.4 B
  12. GE   $37.2 B
  13. Mercedes-Benz   $34.4 B
  14. Intel   $34.1 B
  15. Louis Vuitton   $33.6 B
  16. Cisco   $32.4 B
  17. IBM   $32.1 B
  18. NIKE   $32 B
  19. Verizon   $31.4 B
  20. BMW   $31.4 B

The complete list of the top 100 brands can be accessed here.

Image source: TheNextWeb


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