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Cheetay Introduces a New Business Category: Cheetay Books is on its way to becoming an indomitable force in the tech industry in Pakistan. With their mantra to galvanize the e-Commerce industry, they have already made a mark by revolutionizing prompt logistics services and pragmatic payment solutions. Having recently ventured into subcategories like The Cheetay Tiffin, Health, and Beauty, acquiring $1.67 million in Series A-1 funding, they are well on their way to making a mark within the e-Commerce space.

Having grown exponentially within the domain of food delivery in Lahore, their next aim is to go into alternate business verticals by utilizing their existing logistics base. Providing books to the masses is the next step. According to Ahmed Khan, CEO of, “Books may seem like an unexpected category to dabble into but a large cross-section of society needs instant access to school books, stationery items, academic/university course packs, etc. We are aiming to launch a business category dedicated to providing a vast assortment of books from school-going kids in instant need of textbooks and stationery to university students in need of course packs or just your avid reader who prefers the convenience and wants the book of his choice delivered to his doorstep.”

Venturing into books is their way of acknowledging and emulating Amazon’s early business model. Books, being their lucky charm, still possess the allure and viability of a lucrative business vertical. Given how conducive the demographic profile of Pakistan is to introduce this category, is following suit. As stated by Osman Chaudry, Chief Operating Officer, “For, it is imperative to treat each category as a separate strategic business unit which operates autonomously with its own team. Since the company has separate teams managing each business category independently, we, therefore, strategize accordingly.”

Bringing technology to the forefront through savvy features embedded in the website, wants to be synonymous with the best of what e-Commerce has to offer. For the new category, the website will have a separate domain catering to every type of book available, including Fiction, Fantasy, Architecture, Biographies, Children’s Books, Computers and Technology, Food and Drink, Medical Books, and a whole lot more. Having a pool of vendors from all across Lahore, the website will feature not only a multitude of books but will have several categories and sub-categories for the audience to choose from.

According to Rafae Shahid, Category Lead, “To ensure we have a unique selling point that differentiates us from our competitors, we have put in place technological features that ensure instant gratification by enabling the audience, mainly students who can use our specific query filters and use this functionality to get the books of their choice. By simply filling in basic information i.e. education system, grade, and subject, they will be shown the specific book they want. Moreover, by incorporating cutting-edge technology, we aim to provide an easy and hassle-free experience to facilitate the masses.”

The long-term objective is to not only be the market leader in providing books online but enabling, sponsoring and organizing symposiums and literary events where imminent authors and the public get to meet and engage in dialogue i.e. the Lahore Literary Festival and Book Reading Moots which gather learned scholars, writers, and poets.

Providing a service that encapsulates convenience is the company’s central goal which is why it is diversifying and moving into multiple business verticals. Keeping that in mind, is on a mission to revolutionize the industry by creating a multi-dimensional e-Commerce platform which is customer centric and offers convenience.


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