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European news agencies accuse Facebook, Google of “plundering” news

Some of Europe’s biggest news agencies have accused Google and Facebook of “plundering” news for free in a recently issued joint statement.

The column was signed by the heads of around 20 European agencies including France’s Agence France-Presse, Britain’s Press Association, Germany’s Deutsche Presse-Agentur, TT of Sweden, and APA of Austria, among others.

The column called on the European Parliament to update copyright law in the European Union (EU) to help address a “grotesque imbalance”. It further called on Facebook and Google to share more of their revenues with the media.

“The internet giants’ plundering of the news media’s content and of their advertising revenue poses a threat both to consumers and to democracy,” the column said. “Without paying for it, internet giants such as Google and Facebook use vast quantities of news that is produced at great cost by press publishers and news agencies.”

European Parliament is likely to debate a new copyright law this month aimed at getting the internet giants to pay more for the creative content used on their platforms, including news, music, and movies.

Image credit: Adweek


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