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There are now over 151 million cellular subscribers in Pakistan

According to latest figures released by the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA), the number of cellular subscribers in the country reached 151.09 million by the end of August 2018. The net increase in the number of subscribers in the month of August was 536,142.

Jazz is the largest cellular company in Pakistan with 56.0 million subscribers, followed by Norway-based Telenor with 43.3 million. Next comes China Mobile’s Zong with 31.2 million, and at the bottom is Ufone with 20.6 million.


While the number of cellular subscribers has steadily been growing over the years, the figures took a dip in the 2014-2015 period, from 140.0 million to 114.7 million, when the verification of SIMs was ordered throughout the country due to security concerns.

In the period since 2008-09, Jazz has acquired around 26.9 net subscribers, while Telenor has experienced a net increase of 22.4 million. Zong did even better with 24.8 million net subscribers, while Ufone performed dismally with a net addition of just 0.6 million subscribers.

Pakistan is currently among the top ten countries with the largest number of cellular subscribers.



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