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TPL Trakker Introduces Pakistan’s First In-app Vehicle Analytics

TPL Trakker has introduced Pakistan’s first ever in-app vehicle analytics that gives measurable insights into fleet safety and productivity with driver scoring.

It will make easier to see how individuals and groups of drivers compare to one another over time through Driver Performance Dashboard. Furthermore, the Trip Analytics feature captures and stores reliable trip data so that businesses can review and take corrective actions to save cost and increase fleet efficiency.

Driver Scorecard is a driver performance evaluation dashboard which monitors risky driving habits such as speeding, excessive acceleration, harsh braking and hard cornering. This helps balance safety and productivity, especially in the case of fleet management. Business owners can make sure their operations run smoothly and goods are transported in a safe and secure manner.

The Trip Analytics feature provides an overview of all the trips taken by a vehicle in a specific time period by identifying the start and end location each time. These analytics can help individuals and businesses increase operational efficiency by making smarter decisions, aided by reports based on time and vehicle status, ignition alert and location.

CEO TPL Trakker Ltd, Sarwar Ali Khan said, “Digital Transformation will become the key strategic thrust for the coming year. As a company we have made concentrated efforts to integrate the various digital initiatives that we have taken in the past year across the business and create outstanding customer services. Our In-app Vehicle Analytics features are just a step closer to achieve the same.”


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