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4G subscribers expanding rapidly in Pakistan, approach 17 million

The number of mobile 4G subscribers in Pakistan reached 16.8 million by the end of August 2018, according to figures recently released by Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA).

Zong is the leader in 4G internet with 8.1 million subscribers, followed by Jazz with 5.1 million, and Telenor with 3.6 million. Strangely, Ufone does not offer 4G service at all.

A total of 1.1 million net 4G subscribers were added in August, with the largest share going to Jazz, followed by Zong.

4G subs

Zong, despite having fewer cellular subscribers than Jazz and Telenor, has performed well in establishing itself as the favourite 4G operator in Pakistan. Jazz seems determined to be right there, while Telenor has some catching up to do. Ufone, it seems, will not join the race any time soon.

While 4G witnessed this rapid expansion, the net increase in 3G subscribers in August stood at only 119,072 subscribers, with Zong and Telenor both recording a net reduction in subscribers during the month.

3G subs

Meanwhile, the combined figure for 3G/4G mobile subscribers in Pakistan reached 58.6 million, shared among the four operators as follows.

Jazz 20.1 million
Zong 17.2 million
Telenor 13.8 million
Ufone 7.5 million
Total 58.6 million


NGMS Subscribers

How well did the four operators perform in terms of cellular subscribers during August? Find out here.


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