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Jazz digital conference launches breakthrough policy report

Following the full-day digital policy conference, Accelerate to a Digital State, Pakistan’s largest digital telecommunication company, Jazz, released a sector report on a digital policy framework for the Government of Pakistan. This sector report laid out in-depth transformational recommendations on agriculture, health and education.

Over the past decade, new technologies have revolutionized public sectors all over the world. Progressive nations are investing heavily on critical sectors to ensure economic prosperity for future generations. Pakistan’s Vision 2025 lays down a foundation to put the country on a fast track of development. This vision is being supported by a host of private enterprises. Jazz takes a key government partner role in the realization of this goal.

With over 200 professionals in attendance, the speakers from leading companies, international development agencies and technologists spoke of the barriers to disruptive technologies taking root in Pakistan and the solutions needed urgently.

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The Minister for Information Technology and Telecommunications, Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui, spoke of the need for synergy in seeking a transformation. The minister said, “The telecommunications industry must now focus on digital services through sectoral value chains and supporting the government to create a conducive regulatory environment.”

Jazz CEO, Aamir Ibrahim said, “In the last five years the ICT industry brought USD 3.3 billion in revenues to Pakistan and we know that if the policies we recommend here are put in place, we can play a part in meeting the national target of USD 10 billion revenues in ICT by 2020.”


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