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Over a million 4G subscribers added in Pakistan in just one month

The number of mobile 4G subscribers in Pakistan reached 17.9 million by the end of September, according to recent figures revealed by Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA).

Nearly 1.15 million 4G subscribers were added alone in September, indicating a fast rate of 4G penetration in Pakistan. The largest share went to Jazz, which added over half a million new subscribers on the back of its “fastest 4G internet” marketing campaign.

4G Sep

Zong, despite having fewer cellular subscribers than both Jazz and Telenor, currently leads the 4G race with 8.5 million 4G subscribers, followed by Jazz with 5.6 million, and then Telenor with 3.8 million. At a time when the world is beginning to explore 5G, Ufone strangely still does not offer 4G internet.

All companies, other than Ufone, experienced a decline in 3G subscribers, as a result of an increasing number of users shifting to 4G. Currently, the total number of 3G subscribers stands at 41.5 million in Pakistan – with 14.8 million subscribers belonging to Jazz, 9.9 million to Telenor, 8.9 million to Zong, and 7.9 million to Ufone.

3G Sep

The combined figure for 3G/4G mobile subscribers in Pakistan reached 59.5 million, shared among the four operators as follows.

Jazz 20.4 million
Zong 17.4 million
Telenor 13.8 million
Ufone 7.9 million
Total 59.5 million

NGMS subscribers

Meanwhile, the total number of cellular subscribers also depicted a rise of over 568,000 and reached 151.7 million by the end of September. There are sizable differences between the subscriber counts of the four operators: Jazz 56.1 million; Telenor 43.3 million; Zong 31.5 million; and Ufone 20.8 million.

Cellular Subs Sep 2018

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