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Global Companies Drive Faster Innovation with Oracle Cloud

Oracle today announced that a number of global enterprises have implemented a combination of Oracle Cloud Applications and Oracle Cloud Platform to power their businesses.

Using Oracle Cloud Platform and Oracle Cloud Applications, customers including Office Depot, College Board, Ebates, Mitsubishi Electric, Solairus Aviation, Turning Point and The Wonderful Company have experienced faster time to market, increased productivity and greater business agility. Specifically, Mitsubishi Electric reported a 60 percent productivity increase while Turning Point saw patient wait times drop from four weeks to two days.

“The speed of business continues to accelerate and enterprises are challenged to keep up, or even get ahead of the industry curve,” said Amit Zavery, executive vice president, Oracle Cloud Platform. “Oracle Cloud Platform gives organizations leveraging SaaS a digital canvas where they can adopt new technologies, increase efficiency, deliver new business models, and modernize at today’s rapid pace.” 

Mitsubishi Electric is a global manufacturer of electrical products and needed to respond to customer demands for an increased range of products, with thousands of variations, in smaller quantities while maintaining a high level of quality. While leveraging Oracle ERP Cloud and Oracle SCM Cloud to power manufacturing process, the organization used Oracle Cloud Platform’s Internet of Things (IoT), Java, API and integration capabilities to simplify and accelerate connectivity between devices on the factory floors and across the entire manufacturing value chain, enabling a cloud-based remote monitoring system. In addition, Oracle Analytics Cloud and Oracle Database Cloud facilitated rapid analysis of IoT data to minimize manufacturing errors and maximize production.

“Every minute that manufacturing equipment is down can cost millions of dollars in production costs and delays,” said Timothy Lomax, business development lead, Mitsubishi Electric. “Oracle Cloud provided us intelligent solutions for financial and supply chain management, security, and for integrating and visually analyzing our data, processes and devices. This enabled us to create a leading edge ‘e-F@ctory’ solution, deliver innovations three times faster and increase productivity by 30 percent while decreasing the manual processes by 55 percent.” 

Turning Point is a UK-based charity applying advanced computer technology to support and help treat people suffering from drug and alcohol misuse, mental health issues, learning disabilities, and other debilitating conditions. Using an online system based on Oracle Service Cloud, Turning Point’s staffers are able to set up timely appointments with its healthcare providers. As a result, patient wait times for medical care dropped from about four weeks to as little as two days. To further improve patient services, the company uses Oracle Content and Experience Cloud for its staffers to easily distribute up-to-date and consistent treatment protocols to all Turning Point locations and employee websites. With Oracle’s chatbots, the company was able to automate the evaluation of issue severity on first call and deliver contextual well-being advice to the service users.

“When you’re providing mental health services, it’s critical to engage and treat patients as soon as possible,” said Amarjit Dhillon, chief information officer, Turning Point. “Oracle gave us the ability to engage with patients immediately through chatbots and rapidly build local microsites, reduce wait time for appointments from four weeks to two days, and offer relevant materials and appointment services across our primary and local well-being sites, even mobile clinics. In a year, we have been able to get over 5,000 referrals access to health services a lot quicker than ever before.”


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