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Uber Opens Doors for Persons with Disabilities at NIC Bootcamp

Uber joined hands with the National Incubation Center (NIC) in support of their entrepreneurship bootcamp for people with disabilities, according to a company release. Called ‘Unheard Voices’, participants of this bootcamp  used special promo codes to avail discounts on their Uber trips to the NIC.

This partnership with NIC showcases Uber’s resolve to cultivate an entrepreneurial mindset within its operating communities, especially amongst youth who are physically challenged.

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As per research, there are more than 27 million physically challenged people in Pakistan. Programs such as ‘Unheard Voices’ will allow some part of this population to bring about visible changes in their lives by being in control of their destiny instead of relying on charity.

The global ride-hailing app seamlessly connecting riders to drivers plays an integral role in promoting innovation across its operating countries. For this purpose, it annually organizes UberPITCH, a competition that sets entrepreneurs on the road to opportunity by providing them with training, mentorship and resources’.


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