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Engro Elengy Terminal completes 200 ship to ship transfers

Engro Elengy Terminal Ltd (EETL) has achieved a world record by completing fastest 200 ship to ship transfers of LNG at any terminal. In nearly 4 years of its safe operation, Engro Elengy Terminal has pumped more than 200 billion cubic feet (BCF) of natural gas in the national grid by year end 2018, reducing Pakistan’s gas deficit by 30 percent.

EETL has achieved this milestone while remaining available well above the 95% availability guarantee, a testament to excellent operations and management capability of the company.

EETL, which was set up in a record time of 330 days, during 2018, pumped RLNG above contracted capacity for more than 70 days and handled an additional cargo in the month of Ramadan to cater for gas demand while availing only 76% of the allowed maintenance time without any compromise on operational reliability.

EETL continues its tradition of excellence in operations and service delivery and has begun 2019 operations above contracted capacity to maintain the much needed gas flow in the country. Engro Elengy has managed to go above and beyond in every capacity to facilitate its customer, the government and the public, and the company looks forward to being able to do the same in the coming years, said the press release.


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